Thanks for visiting the customer portal, here is a bit of information about logging into the portal

It is not necessary to register and log in to the customer portal. If you want to contact us simply click HERE or visit  

You will only  need to register to use the customer portal if you want to follow threads of communication between us and you from the support portal, otherwise all communication will be sent to your email inbox.

 Your exisiting email address and password that you may use to log in to the website will not intially  work until you register yourself as a user again on this platform... sorry for the inconvenience.

Why do I have to register here as well, this seems silly?

 The customer portal is a standalone system that allows us to manage our customer service from a dedicated customer service platform, thus the need to log in separately. You only need to log in if you want to see the thread of communication between us and you, otherwise you simply need to look in your email inbox for correspondence from us!

Thank you for visiting and taking time to read this.

eSOLD customer support